Average Lighting Systems

The Cannabis Grow Bible

by Greg Green

fluorescent light

Fluorescent Tube Lights

These lights are the long industrial lights that are found in many a school and work place. These lights come in nearly all lengths and sizes. 2 to 10 feet are the main sizes that are out there. They also run between 10 watts and 300 watts. These lights are okay for growing but they provide little light and are hard to set up properly. They also are not in best light spectrum for Cannabis plants to grow in.

Halogen Lights

Halogen lights are the small lights that can be seen on the outside of factories for flood lighting the grounds during the night. They are usually small and black. These lights can range anywhere between 75watts and 4000watts.

halogen light

Halogens get extremely hot and can provide an unsuitable condition for growing Cannabis under. They are not recommended because they are dangerous to use indoors for growing. They are also not in the best light spectrum for growing Cannabis.

Fluorescent White Tube Lights

These are not in use much and are very similar to the Fluorescent lights except they are in the correct growing spectrum. These lights are not very strong and do not range much above 200watts. They are only recommend for growers who do not want to grow full flowering cannabis plants.

Cannabis Grow Bible

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