How to Get Seeds

The Cannabis Grow Bible

by Greg Green

marijuana seeds

The best way to get seeds is from a friend who has grown a type of plant that you enjoyed to smoke. This, by far, is the best way because, (1) You get the seeds for free and (2) you know what the high type will be because you have already tasted it.

The next best way is the Internet. The Internet is full of seed-banks that wish to sell you seeds, but there are a few problems that you may encounter. The first problem is that some of these seed-banks will rip you off. The second is that some of these seed-banks do not ship worldwide. The third is that some of these seed-banks misrepresent their stock. The fourth is that seeds can be very expensive. Some seed-banks sell seeds anywhere between (US Dollars = $, UK Stirling = £) $80/£70 and $300/£290 for 10 – 16 seeds. There are rip-off artists out there, but then again some of these seeds are worth the money because the strain is excellent in vigour and production. So how do we choose our seed-bank and how do we really know what seeds to pick?

Cannabis Grow Bible

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