Indoor Security

The Cannabis Grow Bible

by Greg Green

indoor marijuana grow

When growing indoors try to consider certain factors cropping up in the near future. Like visits from repairmen or gasmen. Some growers have a grow room which they can sweep clean in under 1 minute. This means that they have a closet near by where they can quickly move their plants too, if any visitors do pop up.

Always keep your security closet near your grow area. It is no good walking around your house with five or more plants in your arms. It is a bad idea to use your toilet for the backup security area unless you have another one that the guest can use.

Apart from this backup area the other thing you must consider with indoor security is the smell. Now Super Skunk and Skunk#1 are very smelly plants. When the plant is in flowering she begins to stink…..Hence the name – Skunk. If you live in an apartment complex then there is no way you will be able to hide the smell unless you have some form of an EXTRACTOR FAN or an OZONE GENERATOR.

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In some indoor set-ups a fan can be used to extract any unwanted smell away from the corridor outside. It can be pumped through a window or filter to another area where the smell will not be noticed. Not only that but plants love fresh air and wind, so the fan can do two things at once for you. An Ozone generator is a device that can be purchased from most grow shops. It helps to get rid of cannabis odor problems.

Apart from the smell problem the other problem you will have is with fires. Now this is a very important thing to know about. Some people growing indoors tend to use very shoddy lights with even shoddier fixtures.NEVER EVER USE ANY LIGHTING KIT AND FIXTURES THAT ARE DAMAGED OR NOT SUITABLE FOR INDOOR GROWING. Many people have lost their homes because of this problem. Taking short cuts with lighting and electricity is a big no no. I have heard off and met many people who have come home only to find a fire brigade outside who have just finished putting out the fire which engulfed part of the house. The same thing happens in every case. The grower gets closer and sees a number of police officers looking around the room. The fire officer points to the cause of the fire – a half melted light fixture with burnt out sockets. The officer looks around and sees the plants all crispy and black. They both know what this is all about. Why do they know? Because they have seen it a hundred times before.

New Marijuana growers nearly always make the mistake of creating inferior lighting set- ups. Needless to say that this is because of three things. (1) They don’t have the right information because of government censorship laws. (2) They do not have the money to invest in a proper lighting system. (3) They just want to grow their pot quick and fast and cheaply. We will discuss proper lighting systems in another chapter.

Cannabis Grow Bible

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