When to flower

The Cannabis Grow Bible

by Greg Green

marijuana flowering

Pre-flowering is a sign that your plant is mature enough to start flowering. As a grower you have a simple choice to make. Do you want to flower now? Or do you want to continue vegetative growth? Here are a few facts before you make that choice.

Most cannabis plants can be kept alive for up to 10 years by simply keeping a light on the plant at all times. These plants will grow to a certain height and then form into a bush. It will then eventually stop producing branches and will spend the rest of its life growing new leaves to replace the old ones.

Bud production is not equal to the height of your plant. Bud production is equal to your growing environment, your strain’s genetic make-up and the amount of nodes that the plant has. All nodes are potential bud areas, but every strain has a genetic threshold for bud production.

marijuana flowering

It possible to get more bud with lots of plants which are flowered as soon as they are mature (which also keeps them shorter and smaller), than extending vegetative growth with less plants until they reach their maximum height and size. The time frame for the shorter option may also produce more bud turnover per annum.

Keeping these things in mind, you can either choose to flower now or choose to keep your plant growing until it reaches its size threshold before you start flowering. If you take the longer route then prepare to have the space for it, because when you flower most cannabis strains they can sometimes more than double in height and width.

If you have pre-flowers and want to flower you only have to do one thing. You must put your plants under a 12/12 schedule.

Cannabis Grow Bible

6 comments to When to flower

  • Julia

    Hi there..I have a Zeus strain plant..and it’s almost 4ft tall with early flowering..My friend wants me to top it..but I will lose the top nug…Should I switch this plant over from an 18hr cycle to a 12hr cycle?

  • joon

    Im 3.5 weeks into vegg and I wanna throw it into flower is ths too early

  • tony

    @ Nate…well I would suggest diluting your nutes so you can give your girls the same amount of water you have been without risk of nute burn. I usually use 1/3 the concentration of nutes as rec. on box. Eg. 1 gallon water will have an extra 33% water. I use 10″ pots for my grows cuz I like to train the hell outta my girls to be short and fat with at least 8 grow sites. You can use the shaping method which involves a tie down of each branch by slightly and patiently bending the branches to the desired form. You can also use SCROG or SOG or a combination of the 3. You have to find out how much water each plant needs!!! Flush your plant before flowering, then use your flower food. During first few weeks of flower give good water then the Las 1 1/2-2 weeks don’t give water so your plant will focus on producing resin. In short, you have a short plant with nothing to do besides produce the plants max genetic thc/cbd concentration and all buds grow at a uniform height to ensure all buds get proper attention. Hope it helped and happy growing.

  • nate

    Hey I have a few questions. I’m a beginner at growing and I was wondering
    1st, if I mix my nutrients properly into a gallon of water, how much of that gallon do i give to 1 plant?
    2nd, when flowering, how do you grow your plant to a specific height you want it for flowering? Thanks if you could respond that would be great

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