BC Big Bud Marijuana Strain

BC Big Bud

Jordan of the Islands

Sativa 65 / Indica 35
Origins: Big Bud x sativa
Flowering: 56-60 days
Harvest: early October

This British Columbian cousin to Big Bud will not disappoint. True to its name, it produces beautiful big buds that have a citrusy scent and flavor. While Big Bud from the Netherlands is mostly indica, BC Big Bud has been stabilized after a sativa cross. Its leaves are mostly sativa-like, and the smoke has an enjoyable, cerebral high.

The resin production is outstanding, making crystal gems of the buds, and carpeting the leaves with dew drops. Even Big Bud’s seeds are large, although seed size does not necessarily correspond to eventual plant or bud outcome.

This variety can be grown indoors or out, but due to large solid buds, care should be taken to avoid overmoisture as this could encourage mold. Indoors, it is happy in a hydroponic setup and can be used in a sea of green method, or allowed to grow large with multiple branching.

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9 comments to BC Big Bud Marijuana Strain

  • Antonio

    I have a concern on my BC big bud plants it’s beginning to flower but I’m not sure if it’s growing seeds or it’s budding. The reason for asking is because they look like seeds but I was told they don’t start seeding this late.

  • Notgonna Tellya

    Gone are the days of weed looking like this! In Washington State, anyway. Since it was legalized all we have now is leafy smelling and tasting, non-effective, low-quality weed. I thought it would get better but we’re now in 2017 and the weed sucks. (It’s not the wind blowing, it’s washington’s weed sucking).
    The pictures of the BC strains are what we used to have all the time! But no more. I guess I just wanted to complain about what’s happened to the weed situation here. It’s sad.
    Go to some of the bud sites here in my city…go to Green Star Cannabis in Spokane. Look at the pics. That is the best weed in town. None of it looks even close to the quality we all know and love. They, at least, say that there are no sprays or anything put on what they sell and it’s all hand-trimmed (koff koff).
    Most weed is put through machines or hand-trimmed…but it looks like the hand trimming is done by someone who would be nicknamed “the mad hacker”. Nothing left on the bud.
    And density! There is none! Buds should be dense and sort of hard. Buds here…squeeze the package they’re in and they crumble to dust.
    And for 15 bucks a gram, it should look like the pics above (after proper curing) but nobody seems to do that, either. The harvest date on the packages is less than 30 days (often times) from harvest to store. Greed is ruining weed.
    Don’t let greed ruin your weed. CURE IT! Sheesh.
    If you buy a pre-rolled joint, it’s as if they used pencil sharpening shavings to roll them. Absolutely harsh and horrible. You’ll only waste 10 bucks on a crappy joint that you’ll toss after the first attempted hit.
    Anyway, it’s a sad state of affairs weed-wise here in ole’ WA State.
    Where have all the bc flowers gone?

  • Wayne

    I bought this strain about two years ago every time I clone it it gets better I have never produced such big buds on a plant of any strain and not leafy to prune when it is done very impressed don’t know how to post a pic here but the one above is only half as big as mine same quality looking

  • manitoban mad man

    Good to see you posting Marc, Welcome home 🙂

  • Mike Cicchino

    I don’t have adobe player. Can you tell me how to order here, thanks, Mike

  • mike

    like to have a seed of jock horror

  • Marc Emery

    BC Big Bud has tremendous resin, its the crystally bud on the cover of the Cannabis Culture #18 (Steve Kubby header), and a citrusy scent. Usually only available in clone, (hence the crosses, its usually the female in those Romulan x BC Big Bud or Mikado x BC Big Bud), it is now available in seed. Giant seeds, largest I have (not that that information has meaning, seed size has no relevance despite what mythology persists about them). Very nice smoke, the Dutch Big Bud can be a good yielder like BC Big Bud but the high is superior in the BC Big Bud version. The leaves in the BC Big Bud variety are more sativa like.

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