BF G13 Haze Cannabis Sativa Strain

BF G13 Haze

Barney’s Farm

Origins: G13 x Hawaiian Sativa
Flowering: 70-80 days

Barney’s Farm G-13 Haze is an award winning variety that crosses the legendary G-13 with Barney’s Farm’s favorite Hawaiian sativa. G-13 is a strain of mythic proportions because of its alleged origins in the experimental U.S. medical marijuana compassionate access program. This federal program provided medical cannabis to a small select group of patients. It started in the late 1970’s, but when activists organized a flood of applications for HIV/AIDS patients to enter the program in the early 1990s, the government panicked and closed the program to new entrants.

Some have said that any government-grown weed could only be low-grade, but others insist that the government program’s scientific approach resulted in the creation of a superstrain: G-13. Rumors circulated in the 1990s claiming that a G-13 clone had been smuggled from the grow facility. Shortly thereafter, breeders had backcrossed the G-13 into seed form and the name began to crop up all over the map. In the Barney’s Farm cross, G-13 has been combined with a great tasting island sativa that has strong haze influences in composition. Straight out of the gate, Barney’s Farm G-13 haze has a very nice smell of ripe fruit and haze-sandalwood spiciness.

This variety is best compared with other stiva-dominant and haze plants. In general, haze hybrids require the vegetative time to be kept short. Flower forcing for this variety is recommended as soon as the clones have had a chance to establish themselves, which is helpful given that flowering times are fairly long, taking 10-12 weeks to ripen.

When vegged as directed, Barney’s Farm G-13 Haze maintains a medium-tall stature with sturdy branches. This plant grows vigorously, and the flower structure has better density than many hazes, resulting in an above-average yield. The size and sturdiness of the plants also make it easier to grow in restricted indoor spaces than the typical haze. The buds have a bit of sativa sponginess to them, but this plant likes to form one large main cola on the central branch. This tendency makes it ideal for a SOG garden, although SCROG is another good choice. Not only does G-13 Haze offer healthy yields with good THC levels, it also posesses intense aromas and flavors and a powerful cerebral smoke worth savoring. This variety encapsulates the winning qualities of flavor and high that many sativa lovers seek out, but maintains a bass note of indica that anchors the effects nicely.

2nd place in 2006 High Times Cannabis Cup
1st place in 2007 High Times Cannabis Cup

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