Blue Velvet Cannabis Strain

Blue Velvet

DJ Short Seeds

Indica 50 / Sativa 50
Origins: Purple Thai x Afghan Indica
Flowering: 45-55 days
Harvest: late September

Blue Velvet is a “leggy” half sativa – half indica cross, named for her lush appearance. Due to the lineage, this variety has also been known as Blueberry Thai. The Long branches sport lavender-red leaves and the buds have a trademark “fox tail” appearance. The calyxes are large and striped.

Very enjoyable to the nose and palate, Blue Velvet’s fragrance and flavor border between fruity and floral. Expect an uplifting and euphoric experience with this variety. The buzz gives both a head and body sensation, making it good for daytime use, socializing with friends, or for creative solitary ventures.

Because of its height and minimal foliage, Blue Velvet is recommended for a sea of green method. This variety will also grow lovely tall plants outdoors, reaching as high as 9 feet when supported and not cropped. Outdoor plants can produce up to 300 grams of dried bud when the growing season is long enough to accomodate a mid-fall harvesting time.

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1 comment to Blue Velvet Marijuana Strain

  • ncga420

    I like it ok as an outdoor plant. The flavor is very good, the high is not bad. The buds, and yield are a bit low. I crossed it with a WW and WOW. Will try and get some photos of it up. I would say it does MUCH better outside than indoors.

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