Blueberry Marijuana Strain


DJ Short Seeds

Indica 80 / Sativa 20
Origins: Purple Thai (f) x Afghan (m)
Flowering: 50-60 days
Harvest: mid October

While Blueberry is a sativa / indica mix, it is subjectively considered a mostly indica cross. The name is obviously related to the flavor of the finished product, but also fits with the cool blue hues of the plant and buds, which will pale to a lavender blue in the curing and drying process.

Blueberry is a low to medium height plant of mostly indica structure, but with more branching, especially from the lower limbs. The plant grows full with wide, dark leaves and stems. Growing outdoors with organic fertilizers is optimal, as this allows Blueberry to retain the nuance of its flavors, making the quality utmost. This variety also performs well in terms of quality and quantity under many conditions, including the sea of green method.

The taste and aroma are very fruity, with the signature blueberry taste. This variety produces a notable and pleasantly euphoric experience of top quality, and the buzz lasts a long time. Blueberry smoke will not put you to sleep, but it may make you forget what you were going to do instead. Blueberry won first and second place for a number of Cannabis Culture “mini-Cups” sponsored by Marc Emery and Cannabis Culture magazine. Dutch Passion’s version of Blueberry, which was derived from the original Delta 9 Collection, won first place in the 2000 High Times Cannabis Cup in the mostly indica category.

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16 comments to Blueberry Marijuana Strain

  • potgrow420

    keep your money in the us don’t buy bag seeds!

  • ty

    hi im from england and im growing blueberry twist the plants are quite small at 11 inc, just put into flower are these strains ment to be small?

  • Darren Shorter

    I want to buy a jar of blue berry how much will it cost me. Thank you very much.

  • xhaze956x

    I grew a cross of blueberry with sweet tooth and it was called Bluetooth and man covered with crystal and smelling like fruity but only draw bak was not a big yeilder but I was couch lock

  • Spoidy Doidy

    I’m in Washington State and I have before me a bag of store-bought, what’s called DJ Short Blueberry. Man, it is short, all right. I wish I could post a picture of this for you to look at and comment on.
    It’s green, not sticky at all and when you open the bag right off, the smell is very lightly, somewhat berry but with a very strong HAY OVERTONE.
    Jeez, I was hoping legalizing it would not ruin the concept of what bud’s supposed to be. And come to think of it, their logo is half a leaf. Not even a whole leaf. Half-assed leaf. Great.
    And the high? It’s about 10 percent of what you’d expect a hit to be.
    That’s not the wind out there blowing, it’s the crappy weed in Spocan’t. : (

  • JOSH

    how is the bud like on(BlueBerry) strains like is also like a Kush or a OG even Platinums OR is its unique own style or strain? Please hit me up!!!

    • kgb

      Blueberry is not like a kush, even though it’s an indica.. In my experience, Blueberry has a somewhat “light” high (when compared to kush strains), as well as a pleasant, somewhat fruity smell and taste. This indica strain is one f those that have some sativa characteristics..

    • Anonymous

      One of my favorites along with the Kush’s especially platinum Kush.

  • mike

    I dont agree, best taste and high seems to come from 48hr dark period at very end before harvest.

  • Deb

    hi lov i,m just looking at your site ,leaning more blueberry. id just like to ask when your at the end of your growing, in the last week before you crop shall i change lights to 16 off and 8 on. what do you think?

    • kgb

      thank you for the kind words! 😉

      some growers extend the dark periods before harvest. some even let their rooms go dark for 24 hours right before harvest..

  • paull

    blueberry is absolutley the best. doesn’t
    light after you smoke. dry like the
    desert. you will see. and way
    hi hi hi hi hi hi hi 1111

  • Oldtimer

    From 8 female blueberries grown from seed 4 were boring lowdown indica stone 1 quite zippy and 3 quite up and they put a smile on your face I like the last three and will save them for breeding.

  • holly molly

    first things first – love the taste! i remember when i first came across some blueberry buds a while ago.. i’ve never seen blue / purple buds before, so it was pretty cool

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