Brainstorm Haze Cannabis Sativa Strain

Brainstorm Haze

Delta-9 Labs

mostly Sativa
Origins: Thai Haze x Stargazer
Flowering: 70-84 days
Harvest: mid November

Growers who like the special qualities of a haze high may find Brainstorm Haze a great addition to their gardens. Brainstorm Haze draws on pure Thai Haze breeding stock as her mother. Her Stargazer father is a combination of the triple heroes – Sensi Star, Warlock and AK-47.

Brainstorm Haze shows its haze heritage in its stretchy growth and along flowering cycle. The average flowering time for Brainstorm Haze is 10-12 weeks, with significant stretching in the first 2 weeks. However, as it begins to mature, it may break the stereotype of the haze grow – once the buds start to fill in, the plant stops growing any taller. It looks like a tree with many branches and leaves rather than a bush. The leaves are thin, but not as elongated as many strong sativa leaves.

Brainstorm’s parentage may also lead one to expect light airy buds, another haze characteristic, but here again, this plant breaks with the pattern. For the first 5-8 weeks, the Brainstorm buds will remain relatively fluffy, but waiting for full maturity is key, as they begin to swell and tighten into hard dense buds during the last 3 weeks of flowering.

The flowering time lessens and the yield improves when Brainstorm Haze is grown using hydroponic methods. Neem oil can be a gardener’s best defense against pests and disease, and regular treatments will help keep Brainstorm Haze a happy camper in the grow room.

Outdoors, this variety will do well in warm climates in the southern equatorial latitudes. Indoors and out, the Brainstorm Haze is a tropical beauty, always more at home in the heat than in a cooler setting.

While Haze strains take some gardening skill and patience, many growers undertake the slightly higher maintenance for the rewards – a very clear-headed and uplifting high with a fresh, sweet aroma and flavor. Haze’s fruity floral fragrance is perhaps as distinctive and recognizable as lavender is in the larger herbal family. The Brainstorm haze buzz is a creeper, taking about 10 minutes to reach an even and motivating high that keeps the creativity and conversation flowing. Brainstorm offers a comfortable high you can ease into rather than the punch of intensity that some people find startling or paranoia-inducing. The soft shift combined with the mental clarity and epaceful soul quality of this variety make it conducive to sociability and moments of thoughtful reflection.

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3 comments to Brainstorm Haze Marijuana Strain

  • I have a medical condition for over thirty- five years, ,and I am inquiring as to whether you could offer discounts to the medically needy. my condition is a right hemiparesis with resultant traumatic parkinsonism tendencies. I’ve been this way since 1980. the one thing that truly helps without side effects has been illegal, till,now! I need advice as to what strain is best
    for myself. I would like a strain (or strains) that help alleviate the stiffness and tremors on my right side of my body, a type that restores the flexibility and dexterity. Thank* you

  • Anonymous

    since it sounds like you’re growing outdoors, you’ll have to wait till the plants are naturally ready to be harvested, which is usually mid / late fall, depending on the strain. sativas, especially hazes take longer than indicas to flower.

  • Charles B.

    Greetings! I am currently growing, possibly near the harvest of, two Dutch Passion Brainstorm plants. I say possibly, because I’m unaware of just how far along they are. They were both planted at the same time and have buds, although one seems farther along than the other in bud development. It has been 21 weeks since they were planted on March 2nd at 7 p.m. after a 2-day germination. Any idea about where I could be at this point with them? I had to leave for the month of June, but fortunate weather and well timed slow-release nutrients kept them going and alive while I was gone. Any ideas on what I should do at this point, this is my first grow and I want to get it right because of everything I’ve heard about this strain. It kills me, and others, that there are no full growth charts or guides on this strain as of yet. The info would be great.

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