California Indica Cannabis Strain

California Indica

Sensi Seeds

Origins: Home & Hash Plant x NL
Flowering: 45-50 days
Harvest: early October

California Indica’s mother was chosen from the original true-breeding Afghani lines from Sensi Seeds. After years of selective breeding, Home was selected as the mother. Home is very much like California Sweet Orange bud, but the flowers aren’t as dense. By hybridizing with two heavy indica strains, the resulting California Indica produced sweet, pungent heavy buds with lots of resin.

California Indica has less foliage than most Sensi varieties, with a nice flower structure that is open and airy. The bud’s hairs will turn orange upon drying. The buzz is a pleasant body relaxer with mellow effects that won’t lock you on the couch after one toke. With a sweet yet pungent aroma and mostly sweet flavor, California Indica is the least “green” and the most “orange” strain that Sensi offers.

California Indica gives the best yields in the strongest time in a hydro culture garden. This plant can be grown in the sea of green style, but performs optimally when allowed to develop multiple branches. Remember that light and space are equally important in determining yield. Changes to these conditions change the yield by as much as 125 g per m2. While only appropriate for some outdoor climates, this strain has performed admirably in Spain and other dry Mediterranean type climates. Even indoors, you are best advised to keep your room a little on the dry side to avoid mold with this variety. Despite this, California Indica is a tolerant, versatile plant which performs well under many conditions.

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