Candy Cane Brain Weed Strain

Candy Cane Brain

Shadow Seed Co.

Indica 80 / Sativa 20
Origins: Silver Shadow x Grapefruit
Flowering: 56 days
Harvest: early September

Candy Cane Brain descends from a series of crossings strating from Brain Strain, the anchor of Shadow Seed’s breeding program. Shadow first crossed Brain Strain with a bud-heavy Blueberry – Northern Lights hybrid and then backcrossed the offspring with brain Strain. The resulting weed strain, called Silver Shadow, raises the hybrid line’s indica quotient and its bud-to-leaf ratio. the final step in Candy Cane Brain’s fruit juicy pedigree is a cross between a Silver Shadow mother and the well known British Columbian strain, Grapefruit.

Candy Cane Brain can be cultivated compactly as a single branch sea of green or will also lend itself to multi-branching, where each branch becomes a site for nice tight buds with minimal foliage. A few weeks into building, Candy Cane Brain often elongates and will need to be staked by week 3 or 4. At maturity, crystals coat even the large fan leaves of Candy Cane Brain, giving off an aroma so sweet that it can tempt the lightweight or occasional toker.

Some flavor-bred pot tastes as if wine or fruit juice had splashed its foliage and then dried, bringing forward the fruit sugars. For Candy Cane Brain, its a splash of berry and citrus over savory skunk. The breeders say that first-time smokers of Candy Cane brain may find themselves rolling an extra joint simply for the taste. The high is giddy and disorienting, with a certain degree of brain freeze at onset. However, once you get back into the pace of the conversation, Candy Cane Brain is a good social catalyst for parties and other fun situations.

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3 comments to Candy Cane Brain Marijuana Strain

  • jules

    Yes he’s correct the darker of the two is your candy Kane

  • Ellen

    I have my plants growing. I was given 12. 6 sour diesel and 6 candycane. I was not shown which are which though, and i’M trying to identify which is which. Can you help me? One has a deeper green with broader leaves.

    • kgb

      Sour Diesel will show more sativa traits, while Candy Cane will be more indica-like. Sounds like the one with the “deeper green with broader leaves” is likely to be Candy Cane.

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