Ducksfoot Marijuana Strain


Wally Duck

Origins: Ducksfoot x sativa
Flowering: 60-72 days
Harvest: late October

Ducksfoot is named for its unique leaves, which have webbing between the leaflets, evoking the feet of waterfowl, rather than the fingerlike morphology of the elaves that has become one of the most recognizable icons to identify pot.

In Australia, Ducksfoot is an outdoor variety only. This strain seems more at home in warmer climates that don’t suffer frosts too early. Several outdoor grows in temperate regions of the Northern hemisphere showed good growth but the quantity and the quality of the buds were poor when compared with its native climate of Australia.

Ducksfoot is a large growing plant that likes to get its feet in the soil and spread its roots to support branching. Wally Duck grows this weed strain in a natural sea of green, for both stealth purposes and increasing yield. it is a very heavy feeder and will take all the fertilizer you care to give it – nearly double the amounts most plants prefer.

As the plants mature, the odd leaves spread out, some reaching the size of dinner plates. Wally prunes to 4-6 main branches, bending them to create a predominantly horizontal profile, with as little vertical growth as possible. Without pruning, Ducksfoot shows extensive branching patterns. Many plants display attractive pink pistils as they ripen. In favorable climates, outdoor yields are rich – 200 grams and up per plant.

Duckfoot’s odor is noticeable at several meters’ distance from the plant. Although it is a complex smell not immediately identifiable as “pot”, it can still sabotage attempts at stealth. The extreme aroma carries over into the taste: a strong spicy coffee taste that lingers pleasantly on the tongue after exhaling, sometimes with a cinnamon aftertaste. The buzz is a smile-inducing euphoria that doesn’t sacrifice coherency, making it a great daytime toke for socializing or working in the garden.

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3 comments to Ducksfoot Marijuana Strain

  • chris couzens

    Where can I buy duckfoot seeds?

  • shane

    I grew this strain on the islands.crossed it with white widow and called them web toes.with bubble gum them dubba bubba gum freaky looking leaves.very fragrant.same growth time 60-70 I ever grew.shane.

    • Justin B

      Hey Shane you got any seeds left on your white widow x bubblegum. I really wanna try one of these strains are they handicaps or what. But honestly i know some of my black friends would not know it was cannabis not hating on my black friends, unless it was budding and they would think it was some kind of fake pot plant. I wanna grow it and tell the they cloned a duck skin into plants. I did tangie and told them the infused a tangerine tree in it. LOL funny stuff. I want some duckfoot but i think its clone only this is prob the next best thing.

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