Dutchmen's Royal Orange Marijuana Strain

Dutchmen’s Royal Orange

Flying Dutchmen

Origins: Skunk #1 x California Orange
Flowering: 63-77 days
Harvest: late October

Dutchmen’s Royal Orange has an international heritage. The Skunk #1 father was a stable hybrid of a Mexican / Colombian mother bred with a pure Afghan strain father. Royal Orange’s indica mother, Calironia Orange, originally came from Afghanistan by way of California. These parents were brought together by a legendary breeder in Holland in 1985.

This regal variety has a delectably sweet smell combined with a hashish taste exposing the Afghani mother’s influence. The Royal Orange buzz is a strongly physical sensation good for kicking back in the sun, or on the couch for a long epic movie. Even with the strong bodily sensation, this variety retains the clear high of the Skunk parent.

Dutchmen’s Royal orange leaves are shiny and dark, with a typical indica plant structure overall – relatively short and wide with broad leaves. The buds are tight rocky nuggets, which along with the minimal vegetation makes this a high yielder. Despite this density, Royal Orange has terrific mold resistance and is very uniform in its growth habits, making it ideal for greenhouse cultivation. Flying Dutchmen recommends growing in soil using organic methods for best results.

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