Flo Weed Strain


DJ Short Seeds

Sativa 60 / Indica 40
Origins: Purple Thai x Afghan Indica
Flowering: 50-55 days
Harvest: late September

A member of DJ Short’s Delta 9 Blue Collection, Flo is an exciting plant. A sativa look-alike that matures early, Flo’s name may reflect this plant’s unique ability to produce a continual flow of buds through multiple harvesting.

Flo’s large, tight, spear-shaped buds are made up of small, densely-packed, purple-striped calyxes. Avery productive, fast maturing plant, Flo gets tall and likes to branch out. The first buds are ripe by the end of September at or near the 45 parallel North. About every 10 to 12 days after reaching initial maturity, new buds form and can be harvested through the end of November, or as long as the plant can remain alive in the given outdoor conditions. Indoors, buds mature by the end of the 6th week of 12/12 light and are still producing mature buds into the 7th week. If you harvest only once, the yield will be more modest. Due to the Flo’s multi-harvest potential, it is ideal for greenhouse production.

Flo has an energetic, motivating buzz with unusual clarity. This is true wake and bake pot, great to start the day off right without losing sight of your intentions. The flavor has a floral quality similar to Nepalese Temple Hash, with a touch of the blueberry tones that remind you they are relatives. The smell echoes the taste, remaining subtle and light. Flo was rated #1 at the 1996 Cannabis Cup by Cannabis Culture magazine.

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5 comments to Flo Marijuana Strain

  • Lindsay

    I would love to be able to get a bud or two of flo.I live in East Texas,so if anyone around here has it let me know.

  • smh

    I am growing flo RIGHT now. It is in the 3rd week of flowering. This plant was a sees from some bud I got from a store. Surprise? is it a herme? is it good? Well, the plant split itself, I did not have to pinch the tops. The cotyledons came out, then it split. I took a clone off of one side of the split. The clone is good, fat root system. The Flo I took the clone from, did not split at the cut. I feel like I could have received double the yield from the flo plant if I had not taken a cutting. The cutting is doing good, the mother plant, however, I was worried that this strain was an auto flowering variety because it didn’t branch readily. I will see on this clone if I can really snip and grow like I want to to make it branch out. I want a fat bushy plant I can have a perpetual harvest from. This seems like the right choice. I am 2 weeks into bloom and I want to snip the buds already. Hairs EVERYWHERE! This plant was grown in soil, (miracle gro + pearlite=good… After I flushed the Slow release nutrients, I added the fert regimen and BOOM! ROOTS in dwc and BUDS on the soil plant in flower. I am excited to harvest some flo because you can pick what you need to smoke at the time and more will grow as it matures. hell yah!

  • scott steven

    Flo is an amazing strain and crosses excellent with other strains. Most patients i run across love flo. I have also gotten colors out of crossing i have grown a blue, lime green, purple, pink and red strains so far. Abbie try crossing cinderella and flo great morning and afternoon medicine……

  • Abbie Hoffman

    Flo looks sativa like grows very well with big, long buds. The genetic makeup is unknown but 1 puff told me that it is 50% blueberry. The buds turn purple like Blueberry. Flo finishes very fast . it also has a noticeable pepper taste too. I like it , its a winner and will stay in my garden. I’m not crazy about the blueberry taste but I’m getting resin on the first puff! its pretty strong. Not a clear high, it kind of puts you in a daze, a dreamy kind of state where you’re in deep thought and contemplation. Good for reading. I like Cinderella in the morning, Flo is more of an afternoon high.

  • Jack47

    I planted Flo one time. It is very slow germination strain, so you better to wail about 7-10 days for the germination. Flo was a one of my favorite strain, especially taste, it really taste like Royal Nepal. High was like medium up-lifting high, very relaxing weed. Don’t expect big yield from this strain. I grew both Blueberry and Flo. I think still Flo has better quality than Blueberry.

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