Green House Thai Cannabis Sativa Strain

Green House Thai

Green House Seed Co

Written by S.T.Oner, Cannabis Sativa vol.1


Genetics: Thai x Laotian
Flowering: 15 weeks
THC: 17.7%

One of the most well branded seed companies in the world, Green House are like that kid in scholl who manages to be both popular and attractive while getting fantastic grades, and looks like he’s having ridiculous amounts of fun doing so. Not only does this company party with Snoop Dogg and Woody Harrelson, they also drop a pioneering bomb once in a while, like the introduction of their color coded seeds. If only they weren’t so damn likeable!

This Green House Thai plant is, as you’d expect, an exotic mix of Southeast Asian genetics, with its parents coming from Thailand and neighboring Laos. These countries form a veritable hotbed of fantastic sativa genes, and many breeders have made pilgrimages over there in the last couple of decades to find and take home some immense breeding stock. Green House, of course, did not miss the boat.

When considering a Green House Thai crop, it’s best to first assess how much space you can allow for each plant. These ladies are very tall, surpassing 7 feet with easy, and most indoor growers may not have the type of room that can house such huge plants. Though the plants can be tamed somewhat with training, topping, and different techniques, they would be much, much happier outside with plenty of space and plenty of natural sunlight. If you do decide to grow these inside, however, remember that topping will increase bud sites and more bud sites means a great yield.

When grown outdoors, this strain is somewhat resistant to colder temperatures and would certainly endure a milder climate, but if growing in North America or Canada, or climates similar to those, be aware that the plant should be finished at the start of December. Any longer and the plants will suffer as the frost hits, and you’ll risk wasting your hard work. This is a strain that likes to take its time, and will enjoy a good 15 weeks to properly ripen, but as the old saying goes, “good things come to those who wait”. A harvest of 60 grams per square foot is to be expected, or 800 grams per outdoor plant.

Like many other plant from such tropical shores as this one, Green House Thai brings about a very introspective and all-consuming high. Such a heady effect can manifest itself in psychoactive traits or in electric bursts of creativity. of course, the strength of the high depends on how much you smoke, so if you’re down for something approaching an ayahuasca high, then fill your boots, but of you’d just like a kick start in your writing or painting, stick to just a couple of bowls.

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