Hawaiian Haze Sativa Marijuana Strain

Hawaiian Haze

Greenhouse Seed Co.

mostly Sativa
Origins: Hawaiian x secret indica
Flowering: 90-95days
Harvest: late November

Hawaiian Haze’s name tells its story of origins. This combination of a renowned Hawaiian island sativa with a Haze / indica hybrid has produced a pleasing tropical smoke with the smell of freshly cut flowers.

Although Hawaiian haze contains some indica, the growth time, the high and the plant’s structure all show strong sativa characteristics. The light tones of this plant are further paled by the clinging resin. Aroma and taste are similar to the Southeast Asian Haze variety, although they remain only softly floral. The leaves are elegant and thin, and the buds are small and airy. The high is also airy and cerebral, inspiring a euphoric mood and positively affecting the clarity of your thoughts.

Hawaiian Haze has inherited the tall stature typical of the Haze varieties. From the outset, seedling should be grown under a 12/12 regimen of light to control the height in an indoor garden. With a 13-week-plus flowering time, this plant should not be attempted outside without the benefit of a long equatorial growing season. Hawaiian Haze’s yield, while satisfying, is not likely to be your largest yielder, making this a more appropriate plant for the connoisseur gardener rather than the commercial grower.

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1 comment to Hawaiian Haze Marijuana Strain

  • Jeffrey

    I am starting my Hawaiian Skunk Haze around April 5th. I am hoping that I will be able to remove the mails before transplanting them into the ground in June.

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