Killing Fields Cannabis Sativa Strain

Killing Fields

Sannie’s Seeds

Origins: Sannie’s The One x Sannie’s Jack
Flowering: 77-90 days

The Killing Fields name originated from the expectation that this strain will yield fields of killer big buds. This strain was developed in order to infuse Sannie’s Jack with sweetness, spice, and a kick, while shortening the flowering time. The mother combines a Blueberry sativa and the Killian strain from the US, whose name may have come from a well-known physician advocate for marijuana in the Seattle area. The father is a Dutch three-way Jack Herer family cross consisting of Skunk #1, Northern Lights #5, and Haze.

Killing Fields is recommended for indoor grows, using organic methods to heighten the candy spice qualities that are one of this strain’s most notable features. this plant forms a big main bud with otherwise average branching. Killing Fields develops like a typical hybrid during the vegetative phase. Once it enters flowering, the full sativa growth potential kicks in, leading to an impressively large pine tree of a plant. Gardeners may think the vegetative size is unimpressive, but it is a mistake to delay flowering. This plant will shoot up in size for a month after flower forcing, so it is important to anticipate the additional size requirements. Generous spacing is recommended for these plants, about 9 per square meter is appropriate for a sea of green. Screen of green produces maximum yields.

The Killing Fields leaves are large and thin, and vibrantly green throughout. The buds are large foxtails with tones that range by phenotype, with pink, blue, and green being the main types. At finish, Killing Fields delivers big dense buds that have a flashy, spacey, creeper high with a flavor of sweet-spicy overripe berries. This buzz is lucid and cerebral. It is highly functional for daytime or social activities, yet it can also be the type of high in which one can get caught up in the task at hand while remaining alert and engaged. A feminized backcross between a Killing Fields F1 anf F2 selection is also available.

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2 comments to Killing Fields Marijuana Strain

  • Mikehunt82

    Grew this strain from Sannies seeds which is an f-4, w/ 2 phenos purple or green. Nice solid golf ball sized solid nugs that foxtail near the last 2 weeks of flower. Nice morning coffee smoke, mild mellow get shit done kind, the green phenol is a bit stronger with a creeper buzz. Not your stongest sativa but easy to grow. A slow vegger but a long stretcher so make room. Not sannies best but a winner for sure.

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