LA Confidential Indica Marijuana Strain

LA Confidential

DNA Genetics

Origins: California indica x Afghan indica
Flowering: 46-56 days
Harvest: early October

LA Confidential is a commercial seed strain that captures the genetics of OG Kush. An Afghan strain grown from clones, OG Kush first became popular in the Los Angeles market in the 1990s, and then became world famous as California rappers like Snoop Dogg and Cypress Hill namechecked it in their songs. OG Kush offered a has-like experience from reefer: a resinous smoke, deep and spicy-sweet like nutmeg, that drew the smoker into a lush, slightly trippy dreamland. While “Authentic OG Kush” may be hard to find if you’re not a rap star, DNA’s LA Confidential brings the secrets of this celebrity smoke to the market.

LA Confidential is an indoor-adapted plant that can also be grown outdoors or in a greenhouse. This strain is resistant to mildew, and on the whole is easy for even a novice to grow. She likes any medium – hydro, coco beds, soil, or NFT systems. If forced into flowering at 3-4 feet of growth, LA Confidential stays petite, gaining only a foot in the rest of her cycle, making her a good strain for gardeners with limited space. DNA themselves prefer bigger plants, vegetated for 3-4 weeks, for a lower overall plant count. Like many eco-conscious growers, DNA recommends organic nutrients.

As she moves through flowering, LA Confidential forms popcorn-like buds that are very dense, and so dark green that they almost appear black by harvest time. The flowering time is speedy, finishing in 7-8 weeks indoors, or by late September to early October when grown outside. These are the sweet “rocks” of resinous bud associated with her OG Kush ancestors. LA Confidential is not the biggest yielding strain, with average yields between 300-500 grams per square meter from “petite” plants in close quarters; yields from larger or outdoor plants may be correspondingly greater.

LA Confidential delivers a heavy “Kush” high: tasty, languorous, and a little psychedelic. Experienced smokers will find it relaxing but not sleepy, although probably too relaxing if there are complex tasks to be done. This is a chill-out smoke. What this indica strain lacks in monstrous yields it makes up for in high, taste, and smell. Many weed experts agree – LA Confidential has won second (2005) and third (2004) place for indica at the High Times Cannabis Cup, and first place for indica in the international Cannagraphics Cup (2005).

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5 comments to LA Confidential Marijuana Strain

  • Provider420$ @ chat

    a good soil mix for outdoor and indoor grow for the la confidental strain is black thumb soil works great i just got done with full budding and end of the cure i got about 6 ounces in wa state outdoor grow anyways good strain for medication to relax and smooth inhale of the smoke tastes kushy on the real

  • Stephen McCarrol

    Would like to hear lastest new regarding patients ,am one

  • contender

    any good ideas as far as a soil mix, going from veg to flower, my La is about ready, I will be using 1 gal containers and will only be doing 5/girls with 1000w, thoughts advise and im off to worms way

  • Leon

    About 4 wks in now on the flowering and have amazing results so far ! Love it!!

  • Anonymous

    the first time i grew this stuff i thought that i had over watered the plants because the leaves were turning black, but i found out that black leaves are a very good thing! a very good thing indeed.

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