Mekong High Sativa Marijuana Strain

Mekong High

Dutch Passion

Sativa 75 / Indica 25
Origins: undisclosed Vietnamese / Laotian strains
Flowering: 56-63 days
Harvest: mid October

Mekong High is a soaring retro sativa high that captures the glory of sativas of old. This strain is unique to a remote and largely inaccessible valley around the Vietnam / Laos border where it was highly prized by local tribesmen. Accessing this region was only possible with plenty of mountain climbing equipment and local good will. As with all Dutch Passion strains, this variety went through rigorous quality control testing before being released in order to ensure that potency and growth were fully characterized and stabilized.

Mekong High branches like a bush, so each plant needs room to form side branches in order to realize its potential. This plant forms an impressive central bud that can grow to be the legth of one’s arm, but it still invests a significant amount of its flowering strength in the side branches, which are nearly as long. With plenty of nutrients, Mekong High can grow to final sizes of about 6 feet (2 meters) high and nearly as wide.

When lit properly and allowed to grow to its potential, these plants yield a surprisingly generous harvest for a sativa. The industrious side of branching combine with the 15 to 20 inch (40-50 cm) long buds that bulk up the yield to a range more typically expected from the indica side of the family.

The Mekong High plant has many telltale characteristics that mark it as a sativa, including slender leaves that are bright, fresh green. Late in flowering, the plants take on an exquisite, rich and spicy aroma, and some may develop copper and purple coloration on the leaves. While some sativas prove to be delicate, these plants are robust and vigorous, showing resistance to mold and bud rot.

This crop provides some enviable sativa headstash. Mekong High is an original, fresh, pure-smoking sativa that reminds people of the way sativas used to be. The harvested buds are sticky and scented with the intoxicating, spicy aroma that perfume the grow room near harvest. The taste is distinctively earthy and pleasant. The true highlight of this strain is its happy, uplifting effect. It is exceptionally clear, making it wonderful for creativity and socializing. The strain will be cherished by sativa connoisseurs.

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