Misty Marijuana Strain


Nirvana Seeds

Origins: White Widow x NL / Shiva
Flowering: 56-63 days
Harvest: mid September

Misty is short and stocky, bringing out the indica side of the White family. The lime green bubble-like leaves are thick and heavy like salad. Buds are dense and fat with THC glands extending to the shade leaves.

Highly recommended for a sea of green system, Nirvana suggests growing Misty plants close together in soil. Because they stay diminutive in size, you can pack a lot into a little space and finish with up to 500 grams per square meter. Misty is an indoor girl, and she likes her room kept cool and dry, preferably around 75 degrees F with 50 percent humidity.

This is musky pot, giving off a powerful smell that some say reeks of old sweat.. Unlike its near offensive aroma, Misty smokes sweet and leaves a sugar aftertaste in the mouth. Despite its rather indica appearance, the buzz retains a sativa influence, providing an uplifting and social experience. According to Amsterdam smokers, Misty joints seems to last longer than most, increasing their overall satisfaction ratings.

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