Neville's Haze Sativa Marijuana Strain

Neville’s Haze

Greenhouse Seed Co.

Sativa 75 / Indica 25
Origins: Haze x mystery indica
Flowering: 98-110 days
Harvest: late November

Named for the breeder who began this hybrid, Neville’s Haze is a mostly Haze sativa that was crossed to be one-quarter indica. The Haze variety is renowned for being a tall gal, and Neville’s version follows it’s genetically programmed desire to seek the sun by outgrowing its competitors.

Neville’s Haze leaves are very thin and long, with sparse buds and long internodes. This strain has a pine cone smell with a distinctively floral haze edge. The resin is abundant and the high is very potent and cerebral, encouraging a spiritual or philosophical disposition. With a THC content of 11 percent, Nevil’s Haze can also induce a kick-in-the-pants, psychedelic type of buzz. CBD has been tested at 1.2 percent and CBN present at .1 percent.

Recommended as an indoor plant, this is a variety for those with the patience to wait the full 10 weeks required for a proper finish. Gardeners can skip the vegetative growth cycle and go straight to a 12/12 light schedule. This serves to control the height, and can also compensate somewhat for the long flowering time. Hydroponic methods are preferred indoors, but soil can also be workable. Forget growing this outdoors if you aren’t within 20 degrees latitude of the equator. Nevil’s Haze needs that long season of intense sun, and will be hard pressed to finish outside in most parts of the world. A real connoisseur plant, Neville’s Haze resists stressors well as long as tropics conditions are met.

Winner, High Times Cannabis Cup 1998

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3 comments to Neville’s Haze Marijuana Strain

  • Dr.Tohtori

    This description is bullshit. 11% THC kick in the pants,WTF?(Ithink 11% is low)/GHS Nevilles Haze,ten week plant,WTF(I think its 12 Weeks min)/mystery indica,WTF(its NL#5)

  • jarz

    The plants are still in early flowering. They were started under a 400W HPS on a 14 hour light/10 hour dark schedule. After that, light period was slowly decreased for two weeks, at which time, they were put on 12/12 and flowered(about March 10). Sometime in late March or early April (I forget) the damned old hps bulb went dead! Fortunately, the weather had warmed up so that I could take them outside during the afternoon, and inside under a bank of florescents for some hours after that. Now, it’s warmed up enough to leave outside for 11 hours each day. I selected two females and one male which had the pure haze phenotype, and discarded(gave away)all the rest. From the first, these seedlings had extremely long, slender leaves. One female had very drooping leaves to boot. It was my intention to let the male fully pollinate the females for seeds. Well, they’ve been in flowering about 6 weeks now, but stretching is just now slowing down. I’m expecting another 8 or more weeks till finish. It was a mistake to flower them so soon as the tallest is only 2 ft., but I did take clones from the females which I’ll veg to 7 in., and those should stretch to about 5 ft. once they’re flowered. As I said, the ones I selected appear to be pure haze with no indication of NL! Some of the ones I let go were about a third NL, but these are pure! At least, for outward traits, and apparently, for hidden traits as well. Leaves are the longest and most slender that I’ve ever seen! Yield is very poor at this point!
    The top bud site looks like a small marble on top of a two foot pole. I don’t know, it’s hard to judge what the final yield would be on an unseeded, sinsemilla plant. I’m pretty sure that a five foot plant would have a fair yield. Grown in the tropics, this strain would easily get to 20 ft., and have an enormous yield, but indoors-no! It is definitely not suitable for SOG. But, if you’re like me, you’d rather have a little of the best there is, than a lot of some other.

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