Northern Lights x Haze Marijuana Strain

Northern Lights x Haze

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Origins: Northern Lights #5 x Haze
Flowering: 65-75 days
Harvest: mid November

The Northern Lights #5 x Haze hybrid is famous for being the first successful 50 percent Haze cross released.

The Haze is a long (up to 6 months) flowering sativa from the U.S. Very popular in the 1970s, it became nearly extinct in the late 1980s because growers were switching to easier, higher-yielding varieties. Breeders at the Cannabis Castle crossed Haze genetics with the uniform and quick-finishing NL 5 indica to make a lush producer with a refreshing high.

Due to the radically sativa nature of the Haze, this cross stretches a lot and takes a longer flowering period to finish than most common cannabis hybrids. This stretchy quality also allows cuttings to enter flowering as soon as they are rooted. Some growers even start the seeds under a 12-hour light regimen with success. This early entry into flowering phase allows NL-Haze to finish in a similar amount of time as conventional, indica-heavy crosses that need more vegetative time. The growth tendencies of the NL-Haze are enhanced when grown as larger plants and diminished in a sea of green method.

Don’t be tempted to harvest too early. Long flowering crosses can create some nail-biting for the grower, but tenacity and some experience pay off with buds of superb quality. NL-Haze delivers fresh, spicy sativa-type buds that have a clean, peppery taste. An immediate, cerebral high, this pot has sometimes been referred to as “speed weed” in Holland. Overall, NL-Haze is a friendly high with a trippy edge that adds some extra zing to any day.

Winner, High Times Cannabis Cup overall 1994
Winner, High Times Cannabis Cup sativa 1990 and 1994

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2 comments to Northern Lights x Haze Marijuana Strain

  • Drums

    One of my favorite indicas. You can function, rather than just plant yourself

  • roots420

    It is the “ultimate”. Can do a wake-and-bake without turning into a couch potato. Needs lots of lights. Stretches like a sativa. But gets plenty of crystals. Hash made from those crystals, put into the nation’s water supply … uh I forgot what I was going to say. Anyway, it’s gooood. And, it’s probably not the best for a newbie, it can put them away like when you eat too much. Trip to the hospital, etc. — no shit, this happened to a friend of mine. (It created diabetes complications. Extreme hypoglycemia. So make sure you’ve got plenty of nutrition bars from your obnoxious network marketing friends, drink lots of water, and you’ll be better prepared. Your brain cells are going to be going on a rocket trip … they need lots of fuel !! But be careful … if you go shopping under the influence of this stuff you’ll spend too much money before you know it. I would suggest the NL5xHaze. Heavy yielder, great sativa buzz however it does take a little longer (70 days) but worth the wait if its for your head.

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