Silver Haze Weed Strain

Silver Haze

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Sativa 50 / Indica 50
Origins: Skunk, NL & Haze
Flowering: 56-70 days
Harvest: late October

Silver Haze comprises some of the most commercially recognized strains in the uncivilized world: Skunk, Northern Lights, and Haze. It is an excellent breed that shows uniformity in its growth and harvests a top yield with heavy resin production.

A complex hybrid, this variety is in the cutting edge of practical Haze hybrids. Silver Haze shows promising resistance to mold and can be harvested later when everything else has finished. Outdoors, this variety finishes in late October or early November when grown at temperate latitudes. As with most Haze crosses, this variety can grow to be a giant, but can maintain a suitable height for indoor growth if vegetative time is kept to a minimum. Indoor growers should also keep the air circulating around these plants for the best outcome. While not the easiest plant to grow, it is possible for all levels of growers to have success.

The resin glands have very thick heads perched atop a short neck. The airy sativa buds become more compact as they finish, and take on a menthol-pine scent and a mixture of fruit and fresh alpine in the flavor. When burned, this bud can take on a slightly ammonia tone. The buzz is strong but clear, and can be smoked all day without losing its effect.

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1 comment to Silver Haze Marijuana Strain

  • smurf

    I have both silver haze and skunk x haze in early bloom outside right now. I planted them around half may. The skunk x haze is a relative compact plant that looks really great. Its about 1 m high, 1,25 in diameter and very nicely branched conically like a Christmas tree. The flowers seem to be compact and plentiful (every internode) and the odor is very nice. Less pungent then skunk, but I doubt if it will taste like haze, there seems to be a lot of skunk in it. It reacts relatively fast to a change in light regime. After 4 days of 12 hrs the first flowers appeared. The silver haze looks much more like a sativa with longer internodes and sparser leave. I topped it when it was very small so it wouldn’t get too tall and this has turned out nicely. The plant is also about 1 m in height and about 1.50 m in diameter. The appearance of flowers was fast (also +- 4 days) but
    they are leafier and more concentrated on the tops of the branches. The smell is much softer then the skunk x haze and much “hazier” (If you have smoked real haze you know what I mean, there is nothing like it!)

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