Skunk Haze Marijuana Strain

Skunk Haze

Ceres Seeds

Sativa 55 / Indica 45
Origins: Haze x Skunk #1
Flowering: 70 days

The Skunk Haze is a straightforward combo of two classic strains, each with their own strong fan base. The Haze has become a widely used addition to hybrids because people appreciate its unique soaring, lucid, happy high, but gardeners also know that this plant unhybridized is a sprawling and finicky lady to grow. The Skunk #1 has been a great equalizer in breeding, a natural choice to serve as a palette on which to paint more exotic flavors and effects while sneaking in the Skunk’s more reliable growth characteristics

This addition to the Coffeeshop Classics line is truly a hybrid of its parents. It has retained the lanky, willowing branches of the Haze. At maturity, the buds make the branches top heavy and are best supported by netting or in a screen of green garden. The Skunk’s influence diminishes the stretchiness, reduces the time spent in flowering, and creates a denser cola, leading to a more manageable beginner-friendly plant.

At finish, Skunk Haze is taller than the average hybrid, a happy medium between the typical Skunk and the typical Haze. The opne structure is a swooping inverted triangle with light, fresh green tones and slender sativa leaflets. The buds stay pale green and form orange hairs. Because the Skunk Haze balances indica and sativa qualities, the buds aren’t too compact and resist mold well. In fact, this plant likes a moist environment and thrives in a garden that mimics the tropics in heat and humidity. Keeping the humidity low will bring out more of the skunk qualities. Outside of equatorial locales, this variety makes a better indoor grow. The pen structured qualities of the Skunk Haze also make it a whole lot smellier than the typical indica or hybrid.

Beginning cultivators with a yen for haze, or a general sativa-leaning will be satisfied with this variety. While growing, the haze smell is dominant, but when breaking buds, the Skunk’s florid tones will be evident. Both are truly carried through in the flavor, which tickles the nose with fruity haze, but leaves an undertone of musk and earth from the Skunk lingering on the palate.

The Skunk Haze is primarily a head buzz with a lingering body stone that carries through, When plants are harvested after two months of flowering, the cannabinoid / THC balance tends to deliver a more mental high and fluffier buds. At 70 days, the buds become denser, and the increased CBD creates a stonier effect reminiscent of Jack Flash. It is always possible to progressively harvest in order to find the best balance. Overall, this variety has an energetic ans clear headed yet leisurely effect that is anxiety-reducing and low on paranoia.

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3 comments to Skunk Haze Marijuana Strain

  • Paul Lynn

    Hope to grow this strain soon. Reviews of Skunk Haze for Medical Marijuana use look great for patients.

  • Leflu's

    I just smoked a joint of skunk-haze, goodness gracious I’m higher than snoop dog Wright now dawg this shit is penetrating hard , the sides of my head feel ticklish & my jaw feels so amazing its heaven on earth , when I first inhaled it my heart started pumping super fast! #$KUNKHAZE ISSSS THHEEEEEEEE SHIIITTTT, I truly recommend it , mind you I’ve been high for two hours now ✌

  • stix

    I’m not sure how close the genetics are, but I recently did some haze x skunk from Dutch Passion. What I had was-lots of hermies, only one true male out of 10 seeds, 4 real females, each different, from sativa type to mainly indica–yield low, taste sweet, sweet, sweet. High up, very potent. Best plants were sativa type, small cola tops 3.5 ft plant with 2 weeks veg, and 8 weeks to mature. I had one of the females that was impressive, producing more resin than white widow growing with it but the high from this plant wasn’t to intense though. I probably won’t keep the strain long but I’m not sorry I grew it either.

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