Sour Diesel Cannabis Sativa Strain

Sour Diesel

Reservoir Seeds

Sativa 90 / Indica 10
Origins: Mexican Sativa x Chemo
Flowering: 75-80 days
Harvest: early November

Beyond the citrus end of the pot palate spectrum lies a sour lemon tang tending toward the heavy pungency of an open drum of diesel. This odor is so strong in Reservoir’s Sour Diesel strain that it may need to be masked during growing if stealth is a goal or necessity. Even when dried and carried in a pocket, these buds are smelly enough to raise suspicions. Reservoir drew on the Mexican sativa family and the sativa hybrid Chemo in an effort to produce the most psychedelic non-haze sativa possible.

Sour Diesel is a tall, thin plant suitable for sea or screen of green. She stretches in the first 3 weeks of flowering. By maturity she reaches a daunting 6 feet indoors in a slender version of the classic Christmas tree silhouette. Her foliage purples as it ages, and commonly displays pink-hued pistils. The buds are loose and spear-shaped.

Sour Diesel taste combined with its effects may be considered an “extreme sport” version of cannabis. The stone pulls smokers into the sky fast with a viscerally uplifting pleasure and lots of consciousness expansion in the direction of spirituality. This good-vibe variety may help alleviate chronic depression, as well as the ordinary blahs by encouraging a change in perspective.

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29 comments to Sour Diesel Marijuana Strain

  • Anonymous

    You guys are stupid you don’t know what your drug dealers are putting in that been doing some research on sour d and it has stuff in it that could kill you its for people who are trying to get off crack

  • Jaywizzz

    Got my bag of sour D this am and am going home to partake now.

  • Anonymous

    you all must be very sad to need this and for that I am very sorry. I wish there wasn’t so many of you. I really am truly sorry.

  • Olive Oil

    this is not the real Sour Diesel unfortunately

  • Anonymous

    Try going to boulder or chico…

  • Derrick Pohl

    Sour Diesel is very good for depression or wherever insight & greater reality orientation is desired. Strong but not stoning. High but calm & focussed. IMHO, these qualities are enhanced when not smoked but vaporized or eaten. The resulting high is unusually lucid & positive. Expect vexing questions in your life to start finding solutions.

  • Anonymous

    Swazi i do they ar good famars in swaziland

  • Anonymous

    Immediate. Sour D is legit. Good sativa. I like it. Lots around lately. Athens, Ohio.

  • Lycanthtope

    I have a variety of diagnosed symptoms for most of my life – ADHD, PTSD, Depression, Anxiety, Pain in my back, neck and hands from previous injuries and I’ve found that this strain is the best in dealing with my condition…

    Personal dosage – one to three hits by flame (bowl or water bong), or four to six vape rips do the same but with virtually no oder… My goal is to get a mind/body/spirit ease/change/releif…

  • Mcoff

    Got some of this from Cali and tried the real strain for first time a couple days ago or so. It had an amazing unique dank citrus lemon diesel smell. It only takes two or three hits and you are really high. It gives a euphoric, mental shift that is really relaxing. It is clear headed but can give a pretty crazy psychedelic effect that makes reality seem unreal if smoked enough. I was already high off of it and smoked a bowl with Sour D kief on top of the bud. I was tripping out every time I looked at my friend because he looked like a cartoon. It is one of the best medical strains I have tried so far for Sativa next to White Widow which is my favorite and can be smoked all throughout the day. It can relax you enough to make you nap surprisingly for the percentage of Sativa genetics.

  • GanjaFarmer

    Sour D is so popular in NYC! All my dealers always carry this strain. Makes you very creative in my opinion.

  • Anonymous

    Move to Cali.

  • Michael Gibson

    I live in west virgina any around here

  • Stoney Stu

    Best daytime stone period! Not stealth at all, my wife, who doesn’t smoke always knows when Im sporting the sour d just by that unmistakeable smell! Love it

  • Big vic

    I live in New York and tried blue cheese and it’s awesome hits you hard off your first drags. Crystals expand in your chest, so it’s hard to speak. And the light sour is the closest to blue cheese and gods gift to me is the best.

  • Anonymous

    I love sour d it really helps my touretts even on a bad day

  • pallz

    Havent had blue cheese, but ive had super cheese sativa dom. And the sour diesel has indeed a more psychedelic feel to it: bigger head change, music and perceptions change. Whereas the super cheese made me more talkative and relaxed.. And gave me hungry

  • pitt boss

    im getting an oz tomorrow, I think, not tried it yet, but it do sound what im looking for, Anyone know if its better then blue cheese?

  • Anonymous

    I’ve had 2 different versions of Sour Diesel. One I smoked for about 2 weeks, which was mainly very light green nugs with many crystals and it was a pretty fun high! It’s one that hits you automatically. 2 weeks later, I got another version of Sour Diesel, this one had very dark nugs with a couple of light spots kind of like Blue Dream. 2 hits out of a blunt and I was higher than I’ve ever been. It’s a weird type of high.. It just starts up in your head and then starts to go through your body and you feel it go through your body as if it makes you empty inside. Crazy and trippy high!!

  • fatty

    Bought a 1/2 from my nephew!GROOOVY!Nice Stone!

  • jules

    i can smoke sour d all day! love this strain, always makes me happy 😉

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