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Trainwreck Marijuana Strain


Dr. Greenthumb

Origins: Northern California
Harvest: October

Trainwreck is a one of a kind pure sativa that is a favorite among both medical marijuana user and recreational smokers. The characteristic that stands out the most when describing Trainwreck is its unmistakably pungent smell. Trainwreck’s smell and taste are so unique, that you will easily recognize it in any wreck hybrids you may come across.

This is an original strain that has a hazy history with a couple of different stories of origin floating around. It is believed that the original Trainwreck plant first appeared somewhere in Northern California, possibly Arcata, or Humbuldt County. This is no surprise, as this area has become one of the best bud producing locale in the world.

Trainwreck is very popular among recreational smokers because it is very tasty, and being a sativa, offers a clear-headed, euphoric high. On the other hand, this particular strain is also admired in the medical marijuana community for its ability to relieve muscle tension. It is perfect after exercising or playing sports, when you muscles cool down and start to stiffen up.

Some tips for growing Trainwreck include expecting flowering around 8 weeks indoor, or around early October outdoors, and bud production of up to 70 grams per plant.

Trainwreck Marijuana Seeds

14 comments to Trainwreck Marijuana Strain

  • kev k

    Should I top train wreck or does it stunt the growth

  • from green wis.

    A friend from eureka ca. A clone. 2 yrs ago.chasing strains is a game. Find the one you like and get to know good
    to her and see wat happens.its all good
    just diff.

  • from green wis.

    I have a strain from tw. Planewreck 50/50
    Its just you want it to be

  • John

    Trainwreck…ROCKS !!!!! Great Strain!!!!!

  • uncle jimmy

    its up next in my order, looking forward

  • Snow

    I just got my hands on some orange train wreck in FL and its my new favorite strain. The high last a long time. Smells and taste great!

  • weedxXxkiller

    how do I grow this type of stain in a closet set up cheap for personal use only so if any buddy can help me and tell a noob how to grow or any sativa stains that are is to grow in a closet set up if can tell me on YouTube name is weedxXxkiller

  • Dr.Tohtori

    Is Trainwreck really pure sativa? I dont think so(I know its not)
    High is from sativa but its grow like an indica. It have Afghani
    in its genes,I think. BUT very good strain.

    • L. Anderson

      I agree with you, I was a little confused when I read that as well. I don’t think it’s pure sativa either. One thing it finishes a little too soon to be pure IMO. I have some purple wreck in my garden and it done about 8-9 weeks. However, it is my favorite hands down. Although my are small (closet grow, CFL’s), it IS killer weed. Ummm! Anywho, happy growing!

  • Anonymous

    i honstly prefer sativa over indica. i like being able to do things when im high. just wish i could get some good strains where i live. -.-

  • Anonymous

    has anyone heard of the BlueJack strain and if so do u know what symptoms this strains good for and the effects.thanx

  • cannasseur 510

    One of my fav sativa strains has a real piney smell with hints of sweet lime . Smoke tastes like keylimepie very creamy and smooth . Solid strong high great for daytime activities

  • smokey

    best pure sativa out there. super tasty! i love any strain that has some Wreck in it. so far, tried trainwreck, planewreck, brain wreck, and purple wreck – all of em very flavorful and smooth.

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