White Rhino Indica Marijuana Strain

White Rhino

Green House Seed Company

Indica 90 / Sativa 10
Origins: Afghan x Brazilian / South Indian
Flowering: 63 days
Harvest: early October


White Rhino is a strong, fast-growing, near-pure indica strain with ancestry in the same lineage as her more famous relative, White Widow. As the name suggests, this plant is tough and sturdy, with a thick skin for high temperatures as well as cold nights. This strain delivers a knockout, medicinal-grade indica stone.

White Rhino adapts well to any environment, and is known for her massive yields, especially in hydro grows. Green House recommends starting her with a medium-low pH (5.7 hydro / 5.8 soil) that is slowly increased until it reaches 6.5 at the end of flowering. EC levels should be kept under 2.4 in hydro and 2.0 in soil. Plants ripen in 9 weeks, or early October. To really see the rhino’s “white”, let her ripen one extra week.

While these plants flourish in SOG or SCROG systems, they can also be grown in larger containers and allowed to vegetate into bushes. The White Rhino plant has a typical short squat stature, with short, thick branches and extremely compact internodes. She is a smart choice for indoor gardeners with space limitations, or indoor growers looking for a shorter plant. Plants grown in 5-gallon containers will finish at 4-5 feet if allowed to grow vegetatively for at least two weeks. With less veg time, or in small conatiners, plants stay at about 3 feet tall. Even plants with no root limitations finish no taller than 6 feet. When White Rhino is allowed to grow big, pruning is necessary to allow light and air to penetrate the inner and lower areas of the plant.

The leaves on White Rhino are huge, full, and midnight green, and her stalks are very thick. her calyxes are small, round and super dense, forming rock hard colas. While not terrible odiferous while growing, the White Rhino harvest will have a pleasantly sweet smell. The toke is also sweetened with indica berry flavor, followed by a sharp aftertaste and sometimes about of coughing. White Rhino delivers a full-throttle indica stone. The buzz goes straight to the body, giving a rubbery, relaxed feeling that is nearly narcotic. It is a down-tempo smoke that endures, ideal for slow-paced recreation. White Rhino is prized in the medical community for effective relief of chronic pain.

2nd Prize, High Times Cannabis Cup 1996, Bio Category.
2nd Prize Champions Cup, Madrid 2005.

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14 comments to White Rhino Marijuana Strain



  • finch

    make sure you take all the big leaf off the bud and stem and your joint will tast great

  • david

    hi folks,,how are you today,,,i live in the good old u.s.a.,,,and though our states are starting to finally free us to smoke,,well, anyway,,,,my ?………..can you mail me seeds here in west Virginia,,without anyone knocking on my door?…I,d like to get some seed,s.but not sure if you can mail them to me here…tks…david

    • Anonymous

      Try niagra seed bank in canada really good seed and no no one will be knockin on ur doir make sure to have them sent to another adress

  • Code Kush MMJ

    A great strain most definitely!

  • Bill

    I have one in her 6th week of flower now. Nice sticky buds with a ton of sugar covering the bud leaves. I am content with this but, it will produce far less than I had hoped using the scrog.
    Also in 6th week of flower is snow white.
    Chances are pretty good that my next grow will revert back to super skunk

  • notsolonely123

    This was the first weed I smoked when I first started hanging out with my current gf. I consider myself an expert in smoking and damn White Rhino is one of the best strains I have ever smoked.

  • travis moschetti

    C ouple in now just starting to bud and may look like couple lil seeds coming in..indoors

  • Anonymous

    I heard its a F1 hybrid (white rino)! And if you clone her after seeding her that she will try to hermaphidite.. because intersexuality? Wit h both male and female flowers ????

  • Greensmokeonly

    Try get a 90w or higher ufo led grow light off ebay

  • harvestor420

    im growing one outdoors right now but it is only 2 feet tall and is budding right now, but here in ontario canada seasons will be changing quickly and i would like to bring her indoors but i have no lights is there a secondary solution like a black light and normal light bulbs or reptile bulbs…anything? I would like to get as much off this little thing as possible!!

  • tal

    Had some Rhino a while back, and remember liking it, but not as much as I like the infamous White Widow. It had the same type of sedating effect, but personally I prefer the taste of Widow…

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